Walter D. Hargrave

About Walter Hargrave

  • Name: Walter D. Hargrave
  • Born on: January 26, 1966
  • Birth place: Miami Beach, Florida
  • Parents: Robert E. Hargrave, Sr (R.I.P) & Gloria M. Hargrave (R.I.P)
  • Wife: Martha Darlene Hargrave
  • Children: Chad Hazellief, Kyle Oyler, Wyatt and Courtney Hargraves (All over 18)


I love living a positive life while staying away from politics and religion as much as possible. I am part American Indian and have a great love for nature and the outdoors. Although I do spend most of my time behind a keyboard, I get out as often as possible.

Music is one of the most important parts of my life and when not doing things I must do, I spend great amounts of free time supporting independent music via my Indie Music Bus™ Brand. Thankfully, my wife supports me in everything I do.

I have done quite an array of different jobs over the years to make a living. I’ve listed some of them below and I guess you can say I am a jack-of-all trades and a master of a few.



  • Independent Music
  • Computer Programming, Games
  • Action Movies and Books
  • The Outdoors, Fishing, Camping, Hiking
  • Concerts, festivals, camping VIP
  • Cooking
  • The Beach, Lakes, Rivers
  • Walks with the wife



  • Short Order Cook 1 year
  • Fast Food Cook/Manager 4+ years
  • Chain Link and Wood Fence Mechanic/ Foreman 8+years
  • Car Audio Installation 2 years
  • Roofing 1 year
  • Plumbing 1 year
  • Handy Man
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Computer Software Developer  20+ years
    • C# .Net
    • WPF
    • ASP .Net
    • HTML, Javascript, CSS
    • SQL

Software Written

  • Display Systems, Inc 1998- CurrentOffice Manager Version 2
    • Office Manager Software Version 1 – Visual Basic 6
    • Program Tracking Software Version 1 – Visual Basic 6
    • Trust Accounting Software C#
    • Office Manager Software Version 2 – C#
    • Program Tracking Software Version 2 – C#
    • Program Customizing and Registration Cloud Service C#
    • Program LaunchPad, Customization, Updating of and more
  • Indie Music Bus
    • Independent Music Promotion Engine c#
  • Walter Hargrave
    • Program Launch PadMinecraft Waypoints C#